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Hey, everyone! I’m back with another book tag! Hope you enjoy! This tag was originally created by The Reading Puppet on youtube. I was tagged by Claire from bookscoffeeandrepeat , thank you for that, Claire! I will try to stick to books in my answers, but I might add tv shows/movies.

1. The Labyrinth – So many twists and turns that you got lost.


Agatha Christie is the queen of twists and turns, And Then There Were None was a masterpiece. I adored everything about it, check it out!


2. The Bog of Stench – So descriptive that you could literally smell the world it takes place in


Tolkien’s descriptions are almost overwelming, but they do help build the world. And Middle Earth will forever be my favourite fictional place.


3. A villain that sings



I won’t lie, this was difficult, but after searching for ten minutes, I remembered this! Medea used a song to charm Leo and Jason in The Lost Hero. Also, I adore Medea!!

4. Toby – The victim is a baby


The twins – Cal and Aron – have a pretty messy childhood with their mother leaving them and their father being neglectful because of his grief. So, yes, I think they are victims.

5. Goblins


Guys, if you had to drink whenever I mentioned something by Tolkien, I think you’d be pretty drunk. I’m sorry for this! But I love Tolkien! (And I also haven’t read anything else with goblings)

6. Hoggle – A betrayal


This one has a huge betrayal that brings up hell all around.

7. A Masquerade Ball


Not my favourite book, but it fits pretty well. Unpopular opinion : I’m not a big fan of William Shakespeare.

8. Jim Henson – A character/book/person so amazingly creative & inspiring


Rose, Lily & Daisy Calloway are so inspiring and creative, they are my babies and I love them so much as characters. They’ve helped me grow and I’ve learnt a lot from them and their paths.

9. Ludo – A true friend & Sweet Soul


Hermione Granger is a total sweetie and she’s the best friend you could ever get, she will have your back.


10. Sir Didymus – A brave character / very heroic character


Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson and almost everyone from this series? Rick Riordan is so good at writing brave, heroic, but also complex characters.

11. The Oubliette – You’re dropped into the oubliette, what book do you want with you, to read for the rest of your time there and what character rescues you.


Since this is a 900-something pages book and it’s one of my favourites, I think it would be a great companion. And about who saves me… Well, Legolas (LOTR), Ryke Meadows (Addicted series), Arin (The Winner’s Trilogy) woul be top choices.

12. Helping Hands – The character makes bad decisions after bad decisions


Santiago got on my nerves through this book with all his awful decisions that were excused by fate and blah blah.


13. Jareth, The Goblin King – A character that is beautiful but cruel


The Darkling, in my defense, I’ve only read the first book, so I’m not sure if things change in the next two. (but I doubt it from the spoilers I’ve gotten)

14. The Worm – A very cute lovable character


Cath is the cutest thing on this universe.

15. Wiseman and hat – A useless character/book, not sure why they’re in the story


Gabe in this one was pretty useless and I never understood what this plot was about since it came to nothing.

16. Sarah – Naïve main character


Auburn frustrated the hell out of me. There’s a reason why I gave it one star.

17. The Firey’s – Crazy unpredictable character


Legend was slightly crazy and very unpredictable!


That’s it! I want to tag anyone who likes this tag, if you want to do it, just consider yourself tagged by me.

2 thoughts on “Labyrinth Tag

  1. Marie says:

    Lovely answers! I agree, Hermione would make the best friend ever ❤ I think I might be the only one left who hasn't read Fangirl just yet, but…I'm so happy to hear you love the main character so much! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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