Book Review : Rosie Loves Jack




Rosie loves Jack. Jack loves Rosie. So when they’re split up, Rosie will do anything to find the boy who makes the sun shine in her head. Even run away from home. Even cross London and travel to Brighton alone, though the trains are cancelled and the snow is falling. Even though any girl might find that hard, let alone a girl with Down’s syndrome. See the world through new eyes in this one-in-a-million story about fighting for the freedoms that we often take for granted: independence, tolerance and love.


This book is everything. I adored reading Rosie’s tale, her dedication to Jack and their relationship was amazing to read about, the lengths she went to stay with him and help him. It was phenomenal. I have never read a book with a protagonist who suffered from Down’s Syndrome and this book made me aware of many more things that I didn’t know about. The author, Mel Darbon, has helped people with learning disabilities through her voluntary work and it shows because Rosie’s characterization is very thoughtful and realistic.

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Book Review : Sky in the Deep




Part Wonder Woman, part Vikings—and all heart.

Raised to be a warrior, seventeen-year-old Eelyn fights alongside her Aska clansmen in an ancient rivalry against the Riki clan. Her life is brutal but simple: fight and survive. Until the day she sees the impossible on the battlefield—her brother, fighting with the enemy—the brother she watched die five years ago.

Faced with her brother’s betrayal, she must survive the winter in the mountains with the Riki, in a village where every neighbor is an enemy, every battle scar possibly one she delivered. But when the Riki village is raided by a ruthless clan thought to be a legend, Eelyn is even more desperate to get back to her beloved family.

She is given no choice but to trust Fiske, her brother’s friend, who sees her as a threat. They must do the impossible: unite the clans to fight together, or risk being slaughtered one by one. Driven by a love for her clan and her growing love for Fiske, Eelyn must confront her own definition of loyalty and family while daring to put her faith in the people she’s spent her life hating. 


Trigger warnings : lots of violence, torture, slavery, attempted rape. 

I was so nervous about reading Sky in The Deep since I got so obsessed with Vikings (again!) this summer and I wasn’t sure how I will feel about a YA Vikings-inspired book, but it lived to the hype and to my high expectations.

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Book Review : In Search of Us




“The funny thing about beauty, James writes, is that in no way does its presence negate the truth of suffering, of injustice, of pain, but it does stand stalwart in its own right, as its own truth.” 

Ava Dellaira did it again for me and I might have to call her one of my favorites authors now because I thought there was no way she could make me this sad after I’ve read Love Letters to the Dead. I knew what to expect. I was coming in prepared, but somehow she still managed to break my heart. HOW? Just how?


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Mini Reviews : In Other Lands, Undead Girl Gang & Blood Water Paint


Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to write three mini reviews, two of these books I’ve read during the exam session, therefore I’ll apologize in advance for possibly being vague about things. Let’s say I might not remember a lot of things from those books – that’s what learning 9 textbooks afterwards does to you, sadly. Have you noticed how I never miss an opportunity to complain about college? I hope you all did.

+UWC (5)

1. Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson



I had quite high expectations getting into this book, I was promised lots of witchy cool stuff, diversity and friendship and I feel like I was a bit robbed. The book was diverse, though, I liked that, but the plot – it was very difficult to take it seriously. And I didn’t connect to any of the characters, Mila made some awful decisions from time to time, she and Riley barely seemed to be BFFs, Riley annoyed me all the time. I don’t know, for me, this book was a mess. It’s quite a shame because I’ve heard great things about the author, I’ll probably try her contemporary novels, though. I’ve seen lots of people loving this book, so maybe it is a case of ‘it’s-not-you-it’s-me’.

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The Halsey Book Tag (+some of my book aesthetics)


Hello, sweethearts! I adore Halsey and when I found out this book tag existed, I was so excited. I had to do this! Right now. Let’s get right into it!


1. Castle – Your favorite queen.



Arwen (from Lord of The Rings trilogy) and Lissa (from Vampire Academy), they are some great ladies, that I enjoyed reading about. The only complaint of mine is that Arwen doesn’t make that much of an appareance in the books.


2. Hold Me Down – A series you just can’t seem to quit no matter how hard you try.



I want to reread The Winner’s Curse soon, because I can’t seem to find any other book as good as this one. I adored the romance between Arin and Kestrel, the way Kestrel’s brain is a weapon and she doesn’t need to know how to use a sword to be badass and strong. Captive Prince is a series I’ve read in less than a week because of how much I enjoyed it.

3. New Americana – The fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight-the-apocalypse squad.


Can you imagine how cool it would be to fight in the apocalypse with Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan on your side? It would be so badass and also one of the best experience ever because you could totally befriend Inej and Nina, Nina and I would be bonding over sweets, I’m sure of it.

4. Drive – A couple that needs to communicate (better).


Kestrel and Arin, once again. I’m sorry, but these two are so frustrating in the second book when it comes to communication. But I liked it because it was relatable, at least to me. I’m bad at communicating, understanding cues when it comes to relationships and seeing someone dealing with similar circumstances was so great. (Also, this is my aesthetic of them. I really miss doing them)


5. Hurricane – Your favorite standalone.


The Secret History by Donna Tartt is by far, my favourite stand-alone. I’ve been putting off reading another book by Tartt just because I have huge expectations. This book is so goood, it’s murder club, it’s got greek culture, latin culture, intellectual over-pretentious kids. Sign me up.


6. Roman Holiday – Cutest contemporary couple.


Lara Jean x Peter K. & Simon x Blue are goals. They are so cute and sweet, and these books are the types that will make your face light up and you’ll smile like an idiot for hours.

7. Ghost – Most tragic breakup.


This was awful to bear. I feel pain as I talk about it, four years later. Kendare Blake, you’re a life ruiner.

8. Colors – One of your faves who hurts you a lot because they make TERRIBLE decisions.


Everyone in this book makes such horrible decisions, but then I guess you expect it from the synopsis. But god, I wish Agatha Christie gave us a break with all those horrible decisions. Still 10/10 would recommend the book.

9. Strange Love – A character a lot of people don’t get, but you absolutely love.


Daisy Calloway is such a cutiepie and I’ve seen so many people call her immature and say her depression isn’t real. But I will keep adoring this beam of sunlight. Bye.

Bonus/ Honorable Mention : Chaol. #chaoldefensesquad


10. Coming Down – A book with the best sexy times.

I’m not that big on sexy times, because most of the times they end up being very awkward. The Ritchie twins are the only ones that write sexy times that I don’t feel awkward reading, tbh.

11. Haunting – A book or character you’re still thinking about.


Evelyn Hugo is a star and I can’t stop thinking about her and how I want to be like her, to be so determined and always get what I want and never give up on my dreams.

12. Gasoline – Favorite self-destructive character.

ME! Can I say me? Oh, no, I can’t… Because I’m not a character, but boy, am I self-desctructive.


These two classics struck me as self-destructive and Frankenstein also destroyed me a bit. I still can’t believe I was capable to endure all that pain.

13. Control – Your favorite villain.


This is a nice one, you’ll never know what hit you. Trust me!

14. Young God – Characters that secretly worship each other.


Victor and Eli from Vicious, behind all that hating and bitching about who is the worst, you can’t tell me they don’t secretly worship each other and love each other’s intelligence. I’m so happy Schwab will actually read a sequel.

15. Walk the Line – Best retelling or reworking.


I’ve read Ripped Pages recently and I adored it, M. Hollis is a queen and you should definitely check it out!

16. Is There Somewhere – OTP with obstacles.


Andrew and Neil from All for The Game, are a slow-burn couple and I loved every little bit of their journey. And then there’s Anne and Richard III, I don’t believe in the Tudor propaganda and I don’t believe in Shakespeare. I know Richard wasn’t as bad as they made him to be and if you’re interested in another point of view about him, go read Sunne In Splendour.


17. Empty Gold – An OTP that became a NoTP.

idk???? Look, I’m loyal to my ships, I’m going to take my otps with me to my grave. If I ship someone, I don’t give up on them. And I have a very good intuition when it comes to ships that aren’t what they seem to be. So, I have no answer for this one.

18. Trouble – A toxic relationship you still ship even though you know better.


I ship Dramione, I said it! I know Draco is a little asshole in most of the books, but I feel like they would have so much chemistry together. Have you seen that scene where Hermione punches Draco? Quality stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the Halsey tag! Do you like Halsey? What is your favourite song of hers? And have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned?

Also, if you want to do the tag, please consider yourself tagged. I’m not going to tag anyone this time because it’s a very old tag and probably lots of people already did it…



Top 5 Tropes I absolutely hate


Hey, guys! *waves*

Today I will write my first book chat and I hope you will enjoy this topic, I know I have lots of things to say on this matter. (And I hope you will have too!)

Do you ever start reading a book and it’s amazing up until something very cliché comes up, an over-used trope, something you can’t seem to be able to digest? And after that, nothing is the same. The entire book has been ruined for you in just one crucial moment. Because you’re just fed up with reading about the same tropes all the time. I know it happened to me many times before, that being the reason why I’m here – writing this post. The tropes aren’t listed in any particular order. So, let’s get right into it!


1. The character who is absolutely gorgeous, possesses all those incredible skills/traits, their milkshake brings all the people to their yard and yet they complain about themselves all the time.

I can understand low self-esteem. Okay. I can. I have my own share of it. But I’m not talking of low self-esteem. I’m talking of authors making those very detailed descriptions of absolutely gorgeous characters (full lips, beautiful wide eyes, etc.) and then making them say how unattractive they are. I mean, if you want to write this exceptionally beautiful character, at least, own it! It’s not believable when you describe them in such attractive ways just to have them dismiss everything they’ve said before and then act very insecure.

An alternation to it is the special snowflake or the character who is not like all the others.


2. The Absent Parents

This happens so much in ya literature, it got tiring. These teenagers aren’t orphans, but sometimes it seems like it because their parents never show up, they never even mention their parents. Nope. Nothing. They give parties whenever they want. They go out and fight demons/monsters/whatever without having to worry about their parents. And I’m here being almost twenty and not being able to miss two calls from my mom without her worrying and getting pissed off at me. Totally unrealistic. And family bonds add a lot to the plot, so I wish ya literature will stop using this trope. I know the whole family thing might not seem as exciting as conquering the world, but trust me, it’s pretty important!


3. Romances that are described as being great and life-changing when they’re actual very abusive.

I keep thinking about myself and how media (movies, tv shows and books)  gave me very unrealistic expectations of love when I was a teen. When I was 14 years old, I had those stupid ideas that it was romantic not to show your feelings, it was romantic for the guy to act like a total asshole, ignore you and act unavailable as long as he acted nice once in a blue moon and liked me. I’m pretty sure, boys acted like bad guys too, just because movies depicted it as such an attractive thing. When it’s really not. It’s not healthy and your relationship will go nowhere. Just stop telling teenagers that it’s okay to accept abuse and ill-treatment for love. Love is supposed to be something else entirely, it’s about having someone support you in order for you to grow as a person, it’s about having someone who treats you right by your side.


4. Girl hate and slut-shaming

There are so many books that include girl-on-girl fights and you might argue and say that it happens in real world. I’ll give you that, it happens. But that doesn’t mean it’s a positive thing. Women are constantly pushed to compete against each other, to tear each other apart. So, why would I want to read about this in books too? Why would you want to promote this by including girls who fight over a damn boy? Two people can fall in love with the same person, but you know what they can do in this situation? Be respectful to each other. At least, ignore each other. What is not okay is making the MC insult, slut-shame another girl just because she’s with the guy the MC wants.


5. Insta-love/Insta-lust.

WHY? why? WHY?

Whenver two characters just met and they’ve already made heart eyes at each other or lusted for each other in the first paragraph, I’m out! I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it. Relationships don’t work that way. It’s true that some people are instantly attracted to each other, it happens, but they still have to work on their relationship, deepen it and move past the initial only-lust aspect. It’s not realistic when characters say their I love you’s after one day, one week or one hour of spending time together. It’s not realistic when you’re trying to sell me this amazing, earth-shattering bond between two characters who barely said ‘hello’ to each other. Just saying.


What are some of your most hated tropes?

Are there any overused tropes that you like even though you are aware that they aren’t very original?

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The End of the Year Book Tag


Hello, lovelies! I’m back with another book tag, I really think they’re exciting and I prefer them to book reviews, but I’ll do my best to find a balance between these. Anyway, this tag was created by Ariel Bissett on youtube and is about how we prepare for this end of the year book-wise. Let’s get started!

1. Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?

YES. yes. YES. I’ve been incredibly bad at finishing books this year, I don’t know whyyy! I have two books for this, they are both on my currently reading shelf, but I haven’t focused on them for a long time and these are :


With The Silmarillion I have an excuse because it’s a very heavy book, one that you read alongside with others because you need some distraction. It’s very mythology-packed, it’s the ‘Bible’ of Middle Earth, it’s the genesis of this universe. But with The House of Hades, I don’t have many excuses, besides the fact that I’ve read this series in a very chaotic manner and now I ended up not remembering any facts anymore.


2. Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?

That’s not really how it works with me. I read whatever I’m in the mood for. I’ve been known to read wintery books in the summer, summer books in the winter and so on. But this one has been on my radar for some time and it gives huge vibes of autumnal book.



3. Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?

October is my birthday month and I feel like it’s always been such a great month for book releases and this year it isn’t disappointing me either. Just look at these beautiful babies and there are more, but these are the ones I’m most excited about!



4. What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

So, so, so many. You can see my shame from here, growing each year with each popular release that I haven’t read yet even though everybody else and their cats had.



5. Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favourite book of the year?

Hmm, I have very high hopes for all the books above, but especially about The Hate U Give and Crooked Kingdom. I feel like these two books have high potential to end up being my favourites.

6. Have you already started making reading plans for 2018?

No, I can’t say that I did make plans for 2018. I have a resolution – to read and finish more of my uncompleted series because I have a huge shelf with unfinished series and it’s time to get a hold of it.

That was it, what are some of your plans for 2018? And are you happy with what you accomplished so far in 2017?

September Wrap-up and October TBR

6361486405959504851954597286_fall reading guide.jpg

                    September Wrap-Up


Hey, lovelies! September is over, which means two things for me :

1) my second year of university is starting and I’m already stressed about it;

2) october is coming, my birthday is coming, maaaany bookish gifts might come my way, yay!

I know I should’ve added Halloween, but it’s not really a big deal in Romania, which is really sad and depressing, I know… This being told, let’s get into the wrap-up for this month! I’ve read 8 books this month from very various genres, sizes, subjects and so on. There are two books that I finished recently and that I’m going to review in the following days and I’m going to add the links to those as soon as I posted them. Pinky promise.



1. East of Eden by John Steinbeck (★★★★★)

2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid (★★★★★) – review here

3. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (★★★★☆)

4. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon (★★☆☆☆) – review here

5. Caraval by Stephanie Garber (★★★★★) – review here

6. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl (★★★★★ 4.5 stars)

7. Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid (★★★☆☆) – review to come

8. The Tiger’s Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera (★★☆☆☆) – review to come

Favourite book : The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, for sure!

Least favourite book : The Sun is Also a Star



               Tentative TBR for October


What books have you read in September and which one was your favourite? And what are you planning on reading next month? Let’s discuss it all in the comments!


Labyrinth Tag


Hey, everyone! I’m back with another book tag! Hope you enjoy! This tag was originally created by The Reading Puppet on youtube. I was tagged by Claire from bookscoffeeandrepeat , thank you for that, Claire! I will try to stick to books in my answers, but I might add tv shows/movies.

1. The Labyrinth – So many twists and turns that you got lost.


Agatha Christie is the queen of twists and turns, And Then There Were None was a masterpiece. I adored everything about it, check it out!


2. The Bog of Stench – So descriptive that you could literally smell the world it takes place in


Tolkien’s descriptions are almost overwelming, but they do help build the world. And Middle Earth will forever be my favourite fictional place.


3. A villain that sings



I won’t lie, this was difficult, but after searching for ten minutes, I remembered this! Medea used a song to charm Leo and Jason in The Lost Hero. Also, I adore Medea!!

4. Toby – The victim is a baby


The twins – Cal and Aron – have a pretty messy childhood with their mother leaving them and their father being neglectful because of his grief. So, yes, I think they are victims.

5. Goblins


Guys, if you had to drink whenever I mentioned something by Tolkien, I think you’d be pretty drunk. I’m sorry for this! But I love Tolkien! (And I also haven’t read anything else with goblings)

6. Hoggle – A betrayal


This one has a huge betrayal that brings up hell all around.

7. A Masquerade Ball


Not my favourite book, but it fits pretty well. Unpopular opinion : I’m not a big fan of William Shakespeare.

8. Jim Henson – A character/book/person so amazingly creative & inspiring


Rose, Lily & Daisy Calloway are so inspiring and creative, they are my babies and I love them so much as characters. They’ve helped me grow and I’ve learnt a lot from them and their paths.

9. Ludo – A true friend & Sweet Soul


Hermione Granger is a total sweetie and she’s the best friend you could ever get, she will have your back.


10. Sir Didymus – A brave character / very heroic character


Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson and almost everyone from this series? Rick Riordan is so good at writing brave, heroic, but also complex characters.

11. The Oubliette – You’re dropped into the oubliette, what book do you want with you, to read for the rest of your time there and what character rescues you.


Since this is a 900-something pages book and it’s one of my favourites, I think it would be a great companion. And about who saves me… Well, Legolas (LOTR), Ryke Meadows (Addicted series), Arin (The Winner’s Trilogy) woul be top choices.

12. Helping Hands – The character makes bad decisions after bad decisions


Santiago got on my nerves through this book with all his awful decisions that were excused by fate and blah blah.


13. Jareth, The Goblin King – A character that is beautiful but cruel


The Darkling, in my defense, I’ve only read the first book, so I’m not sure if things change in the next two. (but I doubt it from the spoilers I’ve gotten)

14. The Worm – A very cute lovable character


Cath is the cutest thing on this universe.

15. Wiseman and hat – A useless character/book, not sure why they’re in the story


Gabe in this one was pretty useless and I never understood what this plot was about since it came to nothing.

16. Sarah – Naïve main character


Auburn frustrated the hell out of me. There’s a reason why I gave it one star.

17. The Firey’s – Crazy unpredictable character


Legend was slightly crazy and very unpredictable!


That’s it! I want to tag anyone who likes this tag, if you want to do it, just consider yourself tagged by me.

Netflix Book Tag


Hey, everyone! This tag seemed like a great idea for me because tv shows + books is such an amazing combination. Let’s start with the questions!


1. Recently watched –  What is the last book you finished?


I’m in a reading slump and I’ve been reading very slowly because of dread of college starting. I finished this one last week and it was amazing. I rated it 5 stars and you can find my review here.

2. Top picks – Books recommend to you based on another you’d read.



Everyone’s been recommending Cinder to me and those recommendations were based on amazing books like Six of Crows or A Darker Shade of Magic.


3. Recently added – Last book you’ve bought


I’ve bought this because Markus Zusak broke my heart with Book Thief and you know, I’m a sucker for pain. That’s just who I am.


4. Popular on Netflix – List 2 books you have read and 2 that you have not that are hyped.





I’ve read both The Winner’s Curse (actually the whole trilogy and it’s an all-time favourite of mine) and The Hating Game (that got 4 stars from me), but I haven’t read Falling Kingdoms and Wonder Woman Warbringer yet.


5. Comedies – A funny book


The Percy Jackson series is the perfect definition of funny, I don’t think a book gets funnier than this. So much banter, so much sarcasm in deadly situations, I adore this series.

6. Drama – Character that is a drama king or queen


Catherine can take the cake for the bigget drama queen in literature, really. That part where she runs away and stays outside until she gets pneumonia because Heathcliff said god know what, screams drama queen.


7. Cartoons – A book with a cartoon on the cover


I think this one counts as having a cartoon on the cover! It was amazing and you should definitely check it out!

8. Watch again – A series/book you want to read again


I really want to re-read Saga because I’ve forgotten so many things about this comic collection and if I want to continue to read this comic collection, a reread is very much needed.

9. Documentaries – A non fiction you’d recommend to all.






Creatures of a Day is more of a psychology-related book (I’m a psychology major), but I think anyone can enjoy it because the writing is very accessible and there are tales from Yalom’s psychotherapy sessions. Bad Girls Throughout History is a feminism book, it’s about awesome ladies that changed history! Read it!

10. Action & Adventure – An action packed book


I don’t think this book needs an introduction, therefore I won’t give it one.


11. New Releases – What is a new release you’re excited about.


This sounds pretty badass, I adore the Grisha world and maybe this book will help me feel better about not having enough motivation to finish the actual Grisha trilogy.


The tag was originally created by A Darker Shade of Whitney on Youtube. And I want to tag the following people :