Book Review Policy

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m happy to see you’re interested in sending me a review request. Before you do that, however, I would love if you could read this policy – it will give you an idea of what I review, how I can help you promote your book and more about our potential collaboration.


I’m currently accepting book review requests. The promotional posts I do are mostly reviews and interviews, but if I like the suggested post idea, I might consider it too.

I’m currently accepting review requests only for Young Adult, Mythology and Fantasy. I might also be interested in Non-fiction – Psychology books (but not Self-Help) and Feminism.

I accept e-copies, but I prefer physical copies – also keep in mind that I’m from Romania if you’re interested in sending me a physical copy.

I’m promoting books on the following platforms :

  • Goodreads – 990 friends, 175 followers
  • this blog, thecursedbooks
  • twitter (@thecursedbooks) – 890 followers
  • tumblr ( here & here ), where I have 2,211 followers, respectively 153.

If you need any more information about my blog (stats, followers), you can reach out to me via email.

For review enquiries, please contact me at