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  1. Sexist Tropes and Books That Smashed Them
  2. Why I Never Reread Books
  3. Why We Need More Fictional Bookworms
  4. Matching Books (Friendships) with my Blogging Friends
  5. How To Grow Your Blog
  6. Everything You Should Know About ARCs
  7. Reading Slumps 101
  8. Why I Feel Hesitant About Reading Books Set in My Country

  9. Am I Too Obsessed With Books?
  10. Are Trigger Warnings Important? 
  11. Best and Worst Cover Changes
  12. Why Blogging Migh Be Bad For Your Reading And What You Can Do About That
  13. Why We Need More ‘Unlikable’ Heroines
  14. Things I Wish Non-Readers Stopped Doing 
  15. On College – NA & YA Recommendations
  16. On Blogging, Social Media & ARCs 
  17. Book Piracy
  18. Why Reviews are Important
  19. My Scandalous Bookish Confessions
  20. On Netgalley, GR & International Bloggers
  21. Why You Should Make a Blog
  22. Book-to-Movie Adaptations
  23. The Struggles of being an International Blogger
  24. US Covers vs Romanian Covers
  25. Top 5 Tropes I Absolutely Hate




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  8. Am I Naught or Nice? 
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