Book Review: The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker


37969723._SY475_The Silence of The Girls by Pat Barker

The ancient city of Troy has withstood a decade under siege of the powerful Greek army, which continues to wage bloody war over a stolen woman—Helen. In the Greek camp, another woman—Briseis—watches and waits for the war’s outcome. She was queen of one of Troy’s neighboring kingdoms, until Achilles, Greece’s greatest warrior, sacked her city and murdered her husband and brothers. Briseis becomes Achilles’s concubine, a prize of battle, and must adjust quickly in order to survive a radically different life, as one of the many conquered women who serve the Greek army.



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10 Books To Read If You Like Mythology


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Hi, everyone! Long time no see! I’ve been so busy lately with uni and beta reading that I have ended up neglecting the blog and writing in general. But no matter how long my hiatus is, I always come back one way or another – this time it has been so long since I’ve put down my bookish thoughts somewhere that it started feeling like a void, I missed doing something that I loved so much! I don’t know how often I’m going to post, but I know that I want to write more often than I’ve been doing lately!

My first post coming back is going to be focused on mythology retellings – I’m going to give you some recommendations that I hope you will enjoy! Without much further ado…

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Book Review : Circe



Trigger warnings : rape, violence.

Madeline Miller broke my heart to pieces once again. I wonder if she will ever write a book that won’t make me feel devastated for months.

I loved The Song of Achilles a lot, it was a brilliant read. I also adored Galatea to pieces, but I was absolutely nervous about Circe. Mostly because the canon literature on her is scarce, there’s not as much information on her as there was on Achilles and Patroclus. So, I knew Miller would have to fill in the gaps and oh, she did. She did it spectacularly too. I don’t even know why I had doubts.

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