What I’m Reading for the #SmashYourTBR Readathon


Hello, lovelies! As promised, I’m hosting a readathon this week starting tomorrow. If you’re from America, that’s actually Tuesday (2 p.m.) for you and ends on Sunday (3 p.m.). Romania’s time zone is GMT+3.

I’m trying to make things easy for everyone, but time zones are always clashing, so you’re open to ask me questions anytime or just do the readathon in your own timezone if that’s easier for you.

I’m going to remind you that there are no rules, I’m going to create some challenges for those of you who are highly competitive, but you’re free to ignore them and just read as many book as you can. After all, our purpose here is to slay our TBR piles.

Use the #SmashYourTBR hashtag on Twitter when you’re making updates, so we can find each other more easily. Also, I totally recommend you cheering on each other and maybe buddy-reading some books if you can do it! If you want to read any of the books I have on my TBR, you can reach out to me to see if we can read it together! That’s going to make things more fun!

Now, onto my TBR for this readathon…

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