What Happened in 2018 & Some Resolutions for 2019


Hey, lovelies! I’m Marta and I’m getting quite nostalgic here because yet another year has come and gone. I’m truly happy that I’m still blogging despite my awful time management skills and how nerve-racking it is to be a college senior. And also because I’m bad at being constant with my hobbies (not including reading), but for now, you’re stuck with me for better or worse.

My introductions are getting longer and sappier, I’m sorry for that!

This post is going to include a revision of my 2018 goals, we’ll see what I’ve achieved and what I still have to work on. Then, we’ll talk a bit about 2019, I have to be realistic with my goals and don’t go overboard because I still have a thesis to write and a final exam and graduation and just ugh. Sounds like many hiatuses are coming. I hope scheduling will help me go through these.

Let’s get into the actual post! More work, less complaining!


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My Blogging/Reading Resolutions in 2018


Hello, everyone! As you might have noticed, I haven’t been active on here for  quite a while and I probably won’t be for longer. I’m coming back (actively) on 10th February after my exams are over. I hate to leave you all guys, but I need those high grades.

Now, I couldn’t leave you without some posts – so, without further notice, let’s get into this post where I talk about what are my hopes for 2018 blogging-wise and reading-wise.

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