Review: The Cruel Prince & The Wicked King


Hello, lovelies! I’m Marta and today I’m going to write some reviews (a series review?) of The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King and The Lost Sisters. I’ve started The Cruel Prince on a whim because everybody was talking about it and raving about how good it was and since it has faes, I was like “okay, let’s do it!”. You might remember that I also put it on my list of books to read before 2019 here – I’ve accomplished something, I read something off a planned TBR, omg, who am I?

I enjoyed the series, binge read it even, I’ve rated all of the books 4 stars because I’ve had some minor issues with all of them, mostly because I was deceived and hurt and I’m still heartbroken. Holly Black, how dare you destroy me like this? Who gave you the right?

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10 Books To Read If You’re Behind On Your Goodreads Challenge


Hello, lovelies! I’m Marta and I’m back with a post for those who haven’t completed their Goodreads Challenge for this year yet. If you’re like me, you’re looking for some quick, maybe short (sometimes this backfires for me) reads that you can finish in those few days that remained. And I’ve got your back, I’m going to give ten suggestions and then show you a few books that I hope will help me on my challenge.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list!


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Fall Wrap-Up


Hi, lovelies! I’m Marta and I’m back with my fall wrap-up, which should have gone up a long time ago, but I’ve been lazy and in a blogging slump. I’ve promised you that I’ll do a seasonal wrap-up from now on and I’m trying to keep my promise intact. I’ve read a total of 18 books in the previous months, September hasn’t been the best for me, but I’ve went back to my habits of reading 6-7 books per month during October and November. I’m still a bit behind with my Goodreads challenge, but I’m sure my winter break will help me complete it.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! And with this in mind, let’s get into the actual wrap-up!

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Why I Never Reread Books


Hello, lovelies! I know I’ve been a bit inactive on here, I’m still struggling with answering to your comments and I have no idea when I’m going to finally blog-hop. It’s mostly because I’m writing my thesis for college and I’m also trying to get ahead on some projects. It’s a bit hectic, I hope you’ll understand.

I’m back with another discussion about my reading habits and this time we’ll talk about how I’m a bookish weirdo that never rereads. I know I’ve mentioned it briefly in certain comments or posts, but I never talked about it more and what’s behind it. So here we go…


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Everything You Should Know About ARCs


Hello, everyone! You know how I’ve written not so long ago a post about reading slumps, well I figured out that I could also write ARCs 101 and I’m going to try to make a detailed post about everything you should know when it comes to Advance Review Copies from what they are, how you can get them, the pros and cons of them and so much more. Stick with me, hope it’s going to be a fun ride!

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Books I Put On Hold


Hey, lovelies! Your favorite mood reader is back again with a very characteristic post. Being a mood reader basically means I spent time switching between one book to another before I find the chosen one, the one I’m in the right mood for. 

Sadly, in this frenzy, there had been books that I’ve read a few pages of and then never came back to, I might finish them in the future, I surely intend to. But so far, it hadn’t happened and these are the books I’ll talk about today.


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Discussion : Am I Too Obsessed With Reading?


Hello, everyone! I think you’re all thinking I’m a bit out of my mind as you’re reading this title… I mean, I’m a reader, I’m a book blogger, that’s basically our thing – obsessing over books. But I am here to ask the right questions – am I too obsessed with books? Did I somehow cross the line between what’s normal for any bookworm and reading has taken over my life completely? Maybe. 

This post is totally inspired by everyone in my life. By my cousin who always complains about her older cousin that stays way too much on that ‘annoying’ blog instead of playing with her (forgive her, she’s not even 10 years old yet, she doesn’t understand), by my ex-friend who told me that I’d probably bring a book even to a date (PROBABLY AND I WOULD REGRET NOTHING) and ultimately by my parents, who are always creative about coming up with activities that can get me to do anything else besides reading (I love you, but we all know it’s not working).

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Why Blogging Might Be Bad For Your Reading And What You Can Do About That


Hello, lovelies! I’m pretty sure this is the longest title I’ve ever used – I really hope you will read it until the end, bear with me there, people. I’m not sure if it is a book discussion, it’s more of a blogging discussion. I want to talk about the way blogging has affected my reading schedule and how it might interfere with yours as well.

Blogging is soooo evil, keeping us away from reading.

When I started off, I’ve seen some posts about this, bloggers complaining about how blogging affected their pleasure in reading, how now they don’t feel like they read for themselves anymore. And I was very dismissive about it, I remember my reaction very clearly, it was something like :

if you like something, read it; if you don’t, then don’t read it.

It was very simple for me back then as a reader with no blogging responsibilities to dismiss this whole conflict.

But actually, blogging can be really bad for your reading.

I can say that now after 6 months (almost seven, yaay!) of blogging. I’m sorry blogging sisters and brothers for not trusting you back then, you’re real heroes and I admire you very much.

I’ll make a list with dangers that appear in this wild blogging life that will influence your reading schedule.

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