Reading Slumps 101


Hey, everyone! I’m back with a post about the most cruel thing in the bookish world – a reading slump. I will try to explain what a reading slump is, how you can spot it (AND DESTROY IT), maybe prevent it and some tips on how to break this awful curse.

According to Urban Dictionary, a reading slump is a reader’s worst nightmare. While it’s not the most detailed definition, I would say it’s pretty accurate.

A reading slump is basically the inability to read. You can’t read books and it’s not because the book is too slow-paced or you dislike the characters and are unable to finish it, it’s just because you’re not capable to read. This time it’s not the book, it’s you. Sorry. It’s one of the most frustrating feeling in the world because if you’re a blogger or a very committed reader, then you most probably WANT/NEED to read, but you just can’t.


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