Mini Reviews: Romance Edition


Look who’s here after taking the longest hiatus! Yes, that’s me! I’m back with a mini-reviews post because I’m a bit behind on them. If you noticed that I’ve been missing from the blogosphere – that’s because I had my exams in January and the beginning of February, they were gruesome and I’m still recovering from them.

I feel like they took all my energy – I had in mind to write a post for Valentine’s Day, but I kept opening the tab and closing it and yes, I think I’m in a blogging slump. Please, be patient with me and expect some sub-par posts until I get used to blogging again. Thank you for understanding!

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Mini Reviews : Witches, Mythology, Video Games and More


Hey, everyone! I’m Marta and I’m drowning under a huge pile of books I should have reviewed a while ago because of that, I thought it was time for a post with mini-reviews. I know you usually like them, so I hope this will be a win-win situation for all of us.

I’m going to review a total of five books (+ a sample) in this post, I’ll probably have more to say about some books, while with others, I will be more concise.

Alright, let’s get right into it!

+UWC (6)

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Mini Book Reviews : Stalking Jack The Ripper & Wintersong


I haven’t done a mini-reviews post in a while and since two of the most recent books I’ve read have been three stars reads, I’ve figured that it was a good time to do so!

 Stalking Jack The Ripper 



I read this for The Cursed Book Club and sadly, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I hoped. It was mostly because I’m a huge fan of true crime (even before watching Buzzfeed Unsolved), and Jack The Ripper is a classic. I’m super fascinated by it – is anyone here passionated by the female!Jack The Ripper theory??? I’m into it!

The mystery fell short for me and I had issues with the characters – I couldn’t relate to any of them. Right now I feel so weird about everything (characters, ship, plot) and I kind of want to read the sequel to know I feel.

Also, the feminism was kind of meh in this one.


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