Why We Need More Fictional Bookworms


Bookworms are very strong, they can carry five books in a bag and not complain once. They are also highly intelligent since they spend all their breathing time with their noses stuck in a book. They are dedicated and passionate, this especially becomes obvious when you ask them about their favorite series. Believe me, they will gush infinitely about it, you won’t be able to stop them once they get started.

My point is that bookworms are perfectly capable to slay dragons and save the world, yet they are rarely represented in fiction.


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Discussion : Am I Too Obsessed With Reading?


Hello, everyone! I think you’re all thinking I’m a bit out of my mind as you’re reading this title… I mean, I’m a reader, I’m a book blogger, that’s basically our thing – obsessing over books. But I am here to ask the right questions – am I too obsessed with books? Did I somehow cross the line between what’s normal for any bookworm and reading has taken over my life completely? Maybe. 

This post is totally inspired by everyone in my life. By my cousin who always complains about her older cousin that stays way too much on that ‘annoying’ blog instead of playing with her (forgive her, she’s not even 10 years old yet, she doesn’t understand), by my ex-friend who told me that I’d probably bring a book even to a date (PROBABLY AND I WOULD REGRET NOTHING) and ultimately by my parents, who are always creative about coming up with activities that can get me to do anything else besides reading (I love you, but we all know it’s not working).

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Are trigger warnings important?


Hey, lovelies! I’m here with a rather serious discussion – we’re going to talk about trigger warnings and why it’s more important than we might think to add them in our posts and videos and so on.

I’ll start by giving you a brief definition of what a trigger warning is :

a statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc. alerting the reader or viewer to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material. (via dictionary.com)
In other words, you’re warning your audience about different sensitive topics that might cause them harm/distress. In our little community, that usually relates to topics that might have been present in the book you’re reviewing, these topics can range from sexual assault, violence, self-harm to racism, homophobia, transphobia and so many more.

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Why Blogging Might Be Bad For Your Reading And What You Can Do About That


Hello, lovelies! I’m pretty sure this is the longest title I’ve ever used – I really hope you will read it until the end, bear with me there, people. I’m not sure if it is a book discussion, it’s more of a blogging discussion. I want to talk about the way blogging has affected my reading schedule and how it might interfere with yours as well.

Blogging is soooo evil, keeping us away from reading.

When I started off, I’ve seen some posts about this, bloggers complaining about how blogging affected their pleasure in reading, how now they don’t feel like they read for themselves anymore. And I was very dismissive about it, I remember my reaction very clearly, it was something like :

if you like something, read it; if you don’t, then don’t read it.

It was very simple for me back then as a reader with no blogging responsibilities to dismiss this whole conflict.

But actually, blogging can be really bad for your reading.

I can say that now after 6 months (almost seven, yaay!) of blogging. I’m sorry blogging sisters and brothers for not trusting you back then, you’re real heroes and I admire you very much.

I’ll make a list with dangers that appear in this wild blogging life that will influence your reading schedule.

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Book Discussion : Why We Need More ‘Unlikable’ Heroines


Hello, lovelies! Happy International Women’s Day!! I hope you get to celebrate this day  with all the great women in your life (be them real or fictional – because we’re bookworms, after all).

Today I decided to talk about something that is suitable for this celebration – I’m going to talk about female characters and why we don’t like them when they aren’t likable.

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Discussion : Book Piracy



Hello, everyone! I’m starting to feel like I should be starting a column where I write about International Readers/Bloggers and the bullshit they have to deal with in this community. So, to keep up with this trend, today I’m going to talk about piracy and how you should treat it as a complex issue rather than something simple and only related to privilege.

Before I start, I want to tell you that I’m not trying to attack anyone – especially not US readers/authors. I just think we should all be more careful when we’re making hasty claims and stop trying to make a complex issue seem so easy.

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Book Discussion : Why Reviews are Important


Hello, everyone! Today I’m here to chat with you all on a very serious matter (at least for me) – why reviews are important and why we shouldn’t ignore them!!!

First of all, I enjoy writing reviews quite a lot (especially if they are rants or on books I adored), so this post might be a bit biased, that’s why I’ll wait for all your opinions on this subject in the comments.


I really love reading reviews from other bloggers as well because of the following reasons :

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Book Discussion : Why you should make a blog


Hello, everyone! I thought I should put up an helpful post about blogging and at first, I thought ‘what about some blogging tips?’. But I quickly brushed it off because I’ve been blogging for 3 months and while I might have some blogging tips, I don’t think I’m qualified enough for such a post. Buuut please do check Marie‘s because she’s the queen of blogging tips and everything else, too.

So, here I am, with another subject (I hope it’s just as interesting) – reasons to make a blog. This post is mostly directed to my fellow readers that don’t have a blog yet because of reasons. I want to tell you that I’ve been hesitant towards making a blog for years. Actually, I created this blog in December (almost one year ago) and I haven’t been active on it until August/September. You know why? Well, because like you, I had my doubts.

But at some point, I just said ‘whatever, let’s see why everyone thinks blogging is that awesome’ and started becoming active and writing. And it was a great decision. Why? Well, let’s get into the reasons.



Reason #1 : The community 

You will meet many people that share the same passion as you do! I’ve been on Goodreads since 2013 and there are some people there that always like my posts and my reviews and I like them back. But making friends on Goodreads never worked for me, sadly. I suppose it’s because the platform always felt very impersonal to me. You can write your review and most of the time, people will like them, sometimes you will be lucky enough to receive comments, but that would be it. Or so it was in my case. I know people that have amazing friendships on Goodreads and that’s okay.

But blogging meant for me engaging with the bookish community in a way that I haven’t been able to experience before. It’s nice to write something, be it a tag, a discussion or a review and have people comment and engaging with you and then coming back for more posts in the future. It’s something else for me. Because I really feel like people are genuinely interested in what I’m going to write next, in what I thought of certain books. I’ve had people tell me that they like my post ideas, that they like my bookish tastes. All I can is that I felt very welcomed here in this community. (Please note that I’m a shy person, so this is a big deal!!!)


Reason #2 : You will find your voice (and feel good about it)


What surprised me the most about blogging is how much I love writing posts about anything, really. I just adore being able to voice my opinion, to share my likes and dislikes, just show the world who I am and what I have to say. I’ve found out that I have many things to say and also that I love brain-storming for blogging ideas. Right now, it’s a normal part of my weekend. Every weekend, I plan new posts and I sit and think ‘okay what should I write next? what are people interested in hearing? what do I want to talk about?’.  I think this reason is important because as readers, we get so captured by other people’s voices, that maybe we forget about our own voice.


Reason #3 : Recommendations

I love finding new books to read, books that are out of my ‘comfort zone’, books that I usually read, just books. And blogs are amazing resources of book recommendations because everyone has different book tastes, even if you’re checking only ya blogs, you will still find various recs. And it’s pretty awesome, I’ve found out about so many new releases via blogs, and let me tell you that it’s the best feeling in the world whenever somebody reads a book you recommended or you read a book that someone recommended and then you can fangirl with each others. Best feeling. #bookwormsforthewin


Reason #4 : It’s easier to request and be accepted for ARCs


Blogging isn’t all about ARCs, but they are a bonus and I know that looking from outside the blogsphere, you think that’s the best part – receiving ARCs. I won’t lie. I love them, I also despise them (especially when I can’t finish them before the deadline). But let’s be real, it’s easier for bloggers to get them. Even if we’re talking about Netgalley, they still give ARCs more often to bloggers.


Reason #5 : It’s very rewarding

I’m proud of myself for starting this blog, I’m proud anytime I receive a very positive comment, I’m proud of myself whenever I write a good post, it’s just amazing. Like blogging is this nice activity that makes you pat yourself on the head and be like ‘Congratulations, you’ve managed to schedule those posts. You’re a winner.’ , blogging makes me feel good about myself because I talk of things I know and love and for that, I receive nice comments and pats on the back from people that love the same things as I do. Doesn’t it sound like a great thing?


Also, let me clear the air on any doubts you might have :

  • I don’t have enough time. – That’s okay, most of us don’t have. The blogging community is pretty forgiving on hiatuses and everything else. You’ll be fine.
  • I don’t think anyone will read my blog. – They will, trust me! You’re unique and you surely have something new to say in this community. Actually, if you do make a blog, link me to it, I’ll be happy to read your blog!
  • I don’t read popular genres/new releases. – That’s also okay. I’m very bad at reading new releases too, people are forgiving. They like to read my reviews on books they’ve already read 40000 years ago and fangirl with me nonetheless.

That’s it, I really hope my post will make you re-think your doubts about making a blog. And also, to my followers – that already have a blog (of course), I hope you like this post too.


What makes you most happy when it comes to blogging? And what would you tell to someone who is reticent to making a blog?

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Let’s talk about Book-to-Movie Adaptations!


Hello, lovelies! Today, I want to tell you all about my opinions on a rather controversial topic : Book-to-Movie Adaptations.

I’m going to split this post in two categories, the first one will be about movies/tv shows I enjoyed as much or even more more than the books (the horror!) and the second category will be about movies that I dislike/hate/despise and any other suitable word to express the pain of seeing an adaptation that doesn’t do your baby book justice.

Also, remember that this is my personal opinion, if you liked the books more than the movies or the movies more than the books and I did the contrary, that’s totally okay! Different perspectives are amazing because our world would be very boring if we liked the same things all the time. Now that we’ve settled this, let’s get into the actual post!


  1. Book-to-Movie Adaptations I actually loved


  • Lord of The Rings


(But I did say it, Aragorn, deal with it!)

As a person that adores Tolkien and his world so much, I will say it once and then you won’t be able to get it from me anytime again : I like the movies better than the books! Abort! ABORT! Phew, apparently, I’m still alive and you haven’t started throwing stones at me (hopefully)! I feel like Peter Jackson did a great job at choosing the right parts to include in the movies and he also did such a marvelous job at creating beautiful characters and revealing their personalities in a way that Tolkien didn’t. I love you, Tolkien, but sometimes you’re so absorbed in the landscape that you forget to get into your characters’ heads and hearts and describe what they’re feeling and it’s really bothering me!!!


I feel like Peter Jackson created/put in the spotlight so many new, unexplored relationships/friendships. For example, Legolas and Gimli – I feel like I could’ve brushed aside their friendship in the books, but in the movies, it’s such a huge part and it made me so happy. Also, Arwen and Aragorn that are otp material in the movie without anybody being able to say anything else (I dare you to try!!), in the books they are only there for three seconds. Sam and Frodo have a beautiful friendship everywhere, though, I can’t complain about it!


  • Pride & Prejudice (1995 and 2005)


(wow, Marta, what an original gif you’ve chosen)

I don’t think they are better than the book, but they were probably as good and it was pretty cool to see Mr. Darcy on my screen *heart eyes* . I’ve watched the 2005 version before I’ve read the book and the 1995 one after reading the book, but I feel like they all have their strong points. The 2005 one has Keira and Rosamund, the 1995 has Colin Firth, and the book is just glorious. I really wish I could read more Austen books, but I didn’t have much luck with her books afterwards. Maybe recommend me some books in the comments? (I’ve read Northanger Abbey and didn’t like it all that much)


  • A Monster Calls


I feel like I love the book a little bit more than the movie, but the movie adaptation was still perfect. I had huge doubts about how they were going to handle different visual effects, but everything went smoothly and the visual effects were A+++. The story is heartbreaking in either form and as I’ve said before, I absolutely recommend this one!


  • Everything, Everything


This movie was really beautiful, I loved seeing the characters on the screen!! I’ve had a hate-to-love relationship to the book, I’ve loved the writing, hated the plot-twist. I feel like the movie saved some things, maybe it’s because of the actors because I adore Amandala ever since she had been Rue. The girl made me cry bitter tears through The Hunger Games. I loved how the movie was faithful to the book because I hate when movies decide to change everything about the books they’re adapted from (unless they are good changes).


  • The 100


Even though I haven’t watched the last season yet, the tv show is so much better than the books. I’ve only read the first book and it was very bad compared to the tv show. (Also, Bob Morley is everything and I want him to always grace my screen because he’s an angel). Bellarke is also pretty awful in the books, there’s no Raven (what a ridiculous joke), the Grounders don’t even make an appareance until the end of the book and I feel like they are less bad-ass than in the tv show, anyway. Yap. All the points go to the tv-show.

282. Book-to-Movie Adaptations I disliked


  • Before I Fall


This movie seemed so repetitive, oh my god. I can understand, though, I feel like it’s hard to make fun movies with this subject (having someone die again and again and then being brought back to solve things in their life) – if you’re wondering, it’s not a spoiler I just gave you. It’s in the book’s blurb. But I can’t remember the book being this boring, I’ve read it back in 2013 (I don’t trust that past me that much, though) and gave it four out of five stars, so I must have liked something. The movie just frustrated the hell out of me and did nothing else.


  • Vampire Academy


Speaking of Zoey Deutch, what’s up with her and bad young adult adaptations? I actually really like her, but the movies – not so much. This one had a lot of potential, I loved the cast, but they turned it into a laugh-worthy movie. I saw this one in the cinema with some friends that hadn’t read the books, they all thought we were watching a comedy. Why such fake vampire teeth? wHy??? UGH. I really hope somebody tries to adapt the series into movies again (or better yet, into a tv-show) because it has the potential to be wonderful and bad-ass.


  • The Hobbit


You might wonder how a person like me (who places LOTR in her favourite adaptations and The Hobbit in her disliked ones) exists. Well, I think I’m not in the minority here. Peter Jackson – lemme scream at you. What were you thinking when you split one damn book into three movies??? WHAAAAT? Why didn’t you make The Silmarillion a movie instead and then looked through The History of Middle Earth? I’m sure, us, die-hard fans of Middle Earth would have loved everything being turned into a movie, but this?? 

I do thank you, however, for getting Legolas into the movies. Because y’know, there’s never too much Legolas.


  • Carrie (2013)


I have loved the book, but I disliked the movie because it was very dramatic, the acting was off and it didn’t scare me (at all?). The book was amazing, that ending terrified me and the suspension was glorious, it built up to everything. Sadly, the movie looked like a bad teen movie. Not for me, sorry!


  • The Giver


I adored the book, it is so important to the dystopian genre and I feel like so many people should read it!! But the movie felt just bland, there were so many plot lines that were so much better in the book-verse and the movie just ruined them. But I’m thankful that they weren’t afraid to keep the black and white format. Kudos to them for that. Also, what is Taylor Swift doing in the movie????


Also, I’ll leave you with a list of my very anticipated book-to-movie adaptations :

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • Love, Simon
  • The Goldfinch
  • The Lord of the Rings tv show (I know people feel so and so about it and so do I, but you have to understand that this is my childhood and I will always be looking forward to seeing it in any forms.)
  • The Darkest Minds
  • Others that I’m forgetting right now



What are some of your favourite book adaptations and your least favourites? Do you agree with any of my choices?

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The Struggles of Being An International Blogger


Hello, everyone! I’m Marty and today we’ll have a little bookish chat about how it is like to be an international blogger. The struggle that come with it and at the end, something else (hahaha, I really love being vague), sorry for that!


Struggle #1: Waiting for a book to be translated for ages. And when it doesn’t happen, you have to buy that ebook because hey, you have to admit it’s not happening anytime soon. (Even worse if the book gets published in paperback in your country soon afterwards you bought that ebook.)


Struggle #2 : Not being able to join certain giveaways or requesting books on Netgalley. It’s so tragic to see the words “US/UK only” or “sorry we couldn’t accept your request, but we prefer bloggers that are from X area”. But heeey, that’s not that bad because I can wait until release day, but ARCs are so exciting since you get to read the book first and it’s a nice feeling.

Struggle #3 : You can’t go to book conventions because they are never in your country. There’s just Comic Con happening around here, not even book clubs are very popular in Romania. I’ve searched for some for years without finding anything that could interest me because the choices were very limited.

Struggle #4 : You have very low chances of meeting your favourite author. There’s a time when Rita Sepetys visited Romania and I was so shocked and devastated that I didn’t go because I haven’t heard of the event.

Struggle #5 : Your bookish friends are far, far away from you… The time zones differences are awful and evil. This makes me very sad.

Struggle #6 : You can’t take beautiful, instagram-y pictures of your books because you rarely own US/UK editions of the books. And you’re a bit self-conscious about people finding your posts weird.


This being said, there are some things that make me want to live in US or at least, in UK, but at the end of the day, I really like being an international blogger because sometimes people are very interested in your country, how are bookish things there and so on. And that’s very great because it’s nice to acknowledge the differences in bookish aspects (just check out my US covers vs Romanian covers blog post and you’ll see how nice people are about it). And to be honest, ever since I’ve got a blog, these struggles don’t seem as hard to overcome as they seemed before, because on Twitter, I see so many authors and readers that try to be inclusive in their giveaway and their gifts and ARCs offerings and that’s really nice of them!


Are you an international blogger? What are some of your struggles? And if not, just tell me what’s your best experience with the blogging sphere.