Book Review: The Land of Stone Flowers


Classic fairytales get a refreshing satirical twist in this collection of illustrated stories in which gnomes, pixies, and other fairy folk share tall tales of the strange and unbelievable human world and its inhabitants. Brimming with keen observations and wild assumptions on human anatomy, customs, languages, rituals, dwellings, and more, The Land of Stone Flowers is as absurd as it is astounding, examining contradictory and nonsensical human behaviors through the lens of the fantastic: from the bewitching paper wizards who live in humans’ wallets to their invisible hats, known as “moods,” which cloud their view of the world. Bursting with intricate and evocative illustrations, The Land of Stone Flowers will draw readers into a world of fantasy and fable that slyly reveals many hidden truths about human existence.

The Land of Stone Flowers intrigued me in so many ways, it was original and creative, the illustrations were breathtaking and the words stole my heart entirely.

This book’s written like an anthology of stories told by fairies, trolls and dwarves to prove that humans do, in fact, exist. Yes, you’ve read that right. In this book, humans are mythical creatures, their existence is questionable, their world is called The Land of Stone Flowers and fairies, dwarves, trolls only ever get there through very peculiar events and usually when they get back to their world, their experiences aren’t believed.

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