Mini Book Reviews : Stalking Jack The Ripper & Wintersong


I haven’t done a mini-reviews post in a while and since two of the most recent books I’ve read have been three stars reads, I’ve figured that it was a good time to do so!

 Stalking Jack The Ripper 



I read this for The Cursed Book Club and sadly, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I hoped. It was mostly because I’m a huge fan of true crime (even before watching Buzzfeed Unsolved), and Jack The Ripper is a classic. I’m super fascinated by it – is anyone here passionated by the female!Jack The Ripper theory??? I’m into it!

The mystery fell short for me and I had issues with the characters – I couldn’t relate to any of them. Right now I feel so weird about everything (characters, ship, plot) and I kind of want to read the sequel to know I feel.

Also, the feminism was kind of meh in this one.


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Recommendations : Books Written by Asian Authors


Happy Asian Pacific Heritage Month!


Hello, everyone! I think I haven’t done a recommendations post in a while and since it’s the Asian Pacific Heritage Month, well… I guess it’s high time I talk about books I’ve loved and books that I want to read that have been written by Asian authors. Seriously, so many goood books!!

Let’s jump into this post!

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ARC Review : The Game Can’t Love You Back




(2.5 stars) 

 I was super excited to read this book when I first got it. I don’t think I talk about it a lot, but I absolutely adore sport romances. I love Zapata’s books, but I read very few sport romances in the young adult genre. Therefore, I was super hyped about this one!

Sadly, I had some serious issues with this one. 

Our two protagonists, Eve and Jamie, are thrown into the same baseball team due to an accident at Eve’s school (her school closes and all her classmates are relocated at Jamie’s school). They are super competitive because each one of them was a huge star in their respective team and now they kind of have to compete for the spotlight and for a sports award as well.

And while they competed for those things, I was there, rooting for absolutely no one. 

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Book Tag : How I See Myself as a Fictional Character


Hello, lovelies! Here I am, back with a very cool tag! I was tagged for this by Kat @Life And Other Disasters, thank you, lovely! I’m going to have so much fun with this one!

This tag is about how I see myself as a fictional character, about how I would like my life to be and so on. Also, I get to add lots of pictures and aesthetics, so behold!!!

Let’s get into it! Let’s met my fictional persona! 

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Book Review : Circe



Trigger warnings : rape, violence.

Madeline Miller broke my heart to pieces once again. I wonder if she will ever write a book that won’t make me feel devastated for months.

I loved The Song of Achilles a lot, it was a brilliant read. I also adored Galatea to pieces, but I was absolutely nervous about Circe. Mostly because the canon literature on her is scarce, there’s not as much information on her as there was on Achilles and Patroclus. So, I knew Miller would have to fill in the gaps and oh, she did. She did it spectacularly too. I don’t even know why I had doubts.

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Book Review : Bygone Badass Broads


I want to thank Abrams & Chronicle Books for sending me this review copy, this hadn’t influenced in any way my review or rating.

I really loved this book, I especially adored how inclusive it was. If you’re worried that this book might have white feminism plastered all over it, I’m here to ease your worries, it’s very intersectional.

The illustrations were breath-taking and the stories were funny, very girl-power-y and at the end, you really wanted to discover more about those women who had been forgotten.

I think Mackenzi Lee did a great job with the research for this book, her stories for each woman were detailed enough to give you a clear image of her life, even when there weren’t enough information, Lee gave us her own hypothesises and it was really well done.

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Book Club Discussion : Stalking Jack The Ripper


Hello, everyone!! If you read my earlier post of this month, you know that I have a book club now *still in shock*. This month we read Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. Now if you have read the book and want to discuss it, but aren’t an official part of the book club, you’re still invited to participate in the discussion if you want to. The more, the merrier. The reason for this book club is after all, to bond over books and our opinion and to meet more and more bookworms.

Warning : there will be spoilers in the comments!!! So, if you haven’t read the book, maybe don’t check that section.

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