Liebster Award


I want to thank Lola @Lola et La Vie for nominating me for this award! I can’t wait to answer to her questions, remember to check her great blog!!

Now, let’s see what are the rules.

Rules for Accepting the Award:

  • Write about it on your blog and thank the person who nominated you. Write a bit about their blog.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Nominate 5 or 10 blogs which you feel deserve it.
  • Let the nominees know you nominated them.
  • Don’t forget to create 10 new questions for the nominees to answer. Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so that they will know what to do. Once you are done, come back here and post the link so I can check your answers!


Lola’s questions


1. What is your one favourite book (no whole series, a single book!)?

I don’t do favourites. It’s disrespectful to my children. Sorry. 

My favourite book might be The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski – which is the third book in The Winner’s Trilogy. I know many people thought the book was rather cliche and some even said it was the worst from the trilogy, but I really loved how everything came together and all those otp feels, I don’t know, man. I adored it.



2. What is the first book you remember loving as a child?

This is going to sound very nerd-ish, but when I was a child, I devoured mythology books – I’m so sad I didn’t know about Percy Jackson then – I usually kept to children’s books, I remember reading The Iliad, The Oddyssey and The Aeneid retold for children by a Romanian author, Alexandru Mitru (another Romanian author) also has two great volumes on Greek Legends, a volume is dedicated to heroes and another to gods, which I absolutely adored. All of these have a honorable place on my shelf.

I’m sure you expected Harry Potter, but sadly I’ve read it in my late teen years (I can hear you gasping from here, stop judging me, thanks!)

3. Do you have any pets? If so, do share!

(he’s better at posing than I am, I swear)

I think some of you might have seen him before on Twitter. His name is Olly and he’s 5 months old, he’s the cutest pet I’ve ever had. I hand feed him, he stays on my shoulder, gives me little kisses, but turns absolutely vicious whenever I give another budgie the little bit of attention (we call him The Prince™) .

Also, he makes me feel like a true pirate!! 


4. Pink, purple or blue?


5. Favourite ever book cover?

Do you know I have a shelf on Goodreads called cover-lust, maybe check it out if you want to see some drop-dead gorgeous covers.

I’m currently reading To Kill a Kingdom and I’m very much into the pirates, Little Mermaid mood, soooo…


Isn’t this the most beautiful cover you’ve ever seen? Don’t lie. It’s absolutely flawless.

6. Is there a popular book you did not like?

One? Hahahaha. More like hundreds of them.

Queen of Shadows, The Sun is Also a Star (and I’m sad about it), Red Queen and City of Bones are among those. Neither of these worked for me and I couldn’t understand the hype around them. With the exception of The Sun is Also a Star where I really wanted to like the book, but the insta-love was too much for me. Sorry.

7. What is it you like most about blogging?

I think this question is very welcomed considering I’ve been somewhat struggling with blogging ever since my hiatus has been over. I’m a bit out of my reviewing game, out of my reading game, out of everything and I can see it and it bothers me because I absolutely adore blogging!!!

What I love the most about blogging is the people I’ve met along the way, I know some of you might roll your eyes at this, but it’s TRUE. I love the comments I receive on my posts, I love seeing people like my content enough to give me feedback, to follow me, to come back for more posts. I just adore all of you so much and I don’t think I say it enough. I’ve never felt like my voice mattered enough because sometimes, people underestimate me, they don’t care about what I have to say, they don’t think it’s important enough to listen.

But here, my voice is heard loudly and clearly. And that is what I like the best about blogging, that I can give my opinion without having to worry that I’ll be ignored.

8. Do you use Goodreads, and if so, how many books are on your Goodreads TBR?

That’s actually funny because Goodreads is currently having some issues and my shelves look like this :

2018-02-25 (1).png

So, apparently, I have 0 books on my TBR. I want to thank Goodreads and whatever update they are doing or error they have for helping me accomplish such a thing. I could have never done it without them. 

But if my memory isn’t tricking me, I had around 516 books on my TBR. I cut off many of them, so the number of books I want to read would be similar to the one I have already read – which is like 496.

9. Fairies or unicorns?

(Dark) Fairies.

10. Lord of the Rings or Jane Austen?

You know I promised I will stop talking every two seconds about Lord of the Rings, but you can’t trick fate. I didn’t ask the questions. You can blame it on Lola.

LOTR, always and forever. I love Jane Austen, but nothing will ever top LOTR for me. I’ve been a fan ever since I was 11 years old, I watched the movies at least 10 times each (I lost count, but I think I’m way past ten, at the moment). I’ve also watched the extended versions. I own the Evenstar necklace. I’ve read the books. I still have The Silmarillion, but I’m getting there.

I will stop screaming about how huge of a LOTR fan I am now. I expect you all to send your messages about how fed-up you are with this in the comments.


My questions

  1. What are your top 5 favourite blogs?
  2. What is your ultimate otp/favourite couple? (you can choose just one)
  3. What are three characters that you relate to?
  4. Which post are you most proud of writing?
  5. Female characters that everyone dislikes, but you absolutely love?
  6. What are some of your favourite tropes?
  7. If your shelves were endangered, what three books would you choose to save?
  8. What are some of your most anticipated releases of this year?
  9. What is your favourite adaptation? (can be either movie or tv show)
  10. What are some of your favourite standalones?


And I’m tagging : 

  • Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks
  • Ioana @dragonwaffles
  • Kat @lifeandotherdisasters
  • Karina @afirepages
  • Andreea @cheekylines
  • and any other person who is interested in doing this tag.



On a scale from 1 to 10000, how fed up are you with me for always fangirling about Lord of the Rings? 

What are some of the popular books you didn’t enjoy?



39 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. ioana @dragonwaffles says:

    And omggg Olly is so cute I request a parrot picture of the month with him too.
    AND YES MARTA YOU HAVE 0 BOOKS ON YOUR TBR WHAT A FEAT. You have accomplished what no bookworm has accomplished before. Roaring applause. You are making history.
    I’ve never gotten around to reading or watching LOTR. Don’t TROW THINGS AT ME NOW IM SOFT it’s just that they are so looong my attention span is scared of commitment. Watching a 20 min ep takes me like a day i dont know if I can handle 3h movies. BUT! I STAND IN SOLIDARITY TO YOUR DORKY LOVE FOR THEM.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      You’re most welcome!!! ❤
      He's the most adorable budgie ever, I'm going to try to take photos of him every month to send them to you! But I request the same from youuuu! ❤
      I HAVE 0 BOOKS ON MY TBR AND ON MY READ SHELF. I know no book. What is that a book??
      NOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm not adopting you any longer. I will make my lawyer destroy the adoptation papers. Joke aside, I hope you will be able to watch them at some point, they are amazing, but I can understand the attention span thing – it might really ruin the fun! THAAAANK YOUUUU! ❤


  2. Aimee (Aimee, Always) says:

    I HAVEN’T READ THE WINNER’S KISS YET. 😦 I loooooved The Winner’s Curse, but for some strange reason I haven’t continued the series yet and I feel so guilty for it. D: T_T

    I also agree that I HATED Red Queen and wanted to stab the book a million times over. It was basically a Throne of Glass rip-off, but more badly written with a more annoying love triangle???

    Anyway, congrats on the nomination, lovely! ❤

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      You really have to continue it! It’s amazing, especially if you’re into angst and tension, the second book is full of that to the point that it gets frustrating! 😦 I kind of enjoy those things, but I know some people don’t…
      YES! To be honest, the only character I liked was Maven, which is strange because I usually dislike the bad guys.
      Thank you very much! ❤


  3. Emma says:

    Congrats on the nomination, girl!! You totally deserve it and your answers were awesome, as always. 🙂 And, your bird is *too cute*, omg. I love birds (even though we could never have one with nine cats).
    Happy reading, lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      Thank you very much, Emma! ❤
      I really missed you, haven't seen you around lately (probably because of my hiatus, though). Aw, I'm the other way around, I really love cats, but will never be able to get one with my budgies.
      Same goes to you, thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Emma says:

        Same, girl, I haven’t seen you around. (Looks like we both went on a hiatus, though, so it makes sense.) But I’m glad we’re both back and blogging again!
        And, btw, I tagged you for the 3 Quotes, 3 Days Tag since I thought you’d enjoy doing it, but, of course, there’s no pressure to if it doesn’t suit you. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Marta says:

        Same!!! Welcome back to the blogging world! ❤ Thank you for the tag, I'll try to do it soon, probably after some reviews that I have to write soon! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Marie says:

    congratulations on the award! I will never, EVER be fed up with you talkin about The Lord of the Rings, every single time you do, it makes me want to watch it SOOOO badly hahaha. 🙂
    I have started, but never finished reading The Winner’s Trilogy, knowin you loved the last book makes me want to keep on going, though! I felt a bit disconnected from the story in the first two books, every time at the beginning, yet by the end of it I’m kind of hooked? It’s a strange feeling, haha 🙂
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the nomination!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marta says:

      PLEASE WATCH IT!!! I will watch it with you! I consider it my main fandom, but I never got anyone into being a fan 😦
      Ah, I remember you mentioned it before! I’m so sorry you didn’t finish the series, I loved the entire series as a whole, but I think I understand what you mean. I guess it’s a bit slower at the start and then gets into the action really quick. The third book is full of strategy and war and Arin and Kestrel finally get their shit together. If you ever start it, tell me because I’ll be cheering for you.
      Always!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Marie says:

        I AM SURE YOU WILL eventually, just keep on talking about it and that will work for sure. Who are your favorite characters?? What’s your favorite movie?? LET ME KNOW EVERYTHING.
        Yes that’s exactly it, it’s a bit slow to start every time, but I’m really getting into it by the end. I will read the last book for sure… whenever I can get my hands on it haha 🙂 x

        Liked by 1 person

      • Marta says:

        Can I say everyone? OMG!!! I love you so much for asking those questions! I feel like I should talk about this in our DMs so that I can add photos as well. But my favourite characters are Legolas (this is my husband), Sam, Éowyn (Tolkien doesn’t have many female characters in his books, but she’s amazing, she makes up for it almost) and Gimli (who’s a dwarf and also such a comic relief, I love him). My favourite movie is the second – The Two Towers because the first one is slower, you get introduced to the world, but then boom, action starts and lots of things happen! :((((
        I love talking about LOTR, omg.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Marie says:

        OF COURSE well you know where to find me to send me all the GIFs hahha 😛
        Gimli is sooooooo amazing, I love him so much haha. I think my favorite character will always be Sam, though ❤
        AND YES the two towers!!!! that one is my favorite movie just as well!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Andreea P. says:

    Your questions were really hard! But I did it!

    Thank you for the tag, it was a great way to relax after such a stressful day – I didn’t have time to read any blogs this week (or write posts of my own).


  6. Mary Kate says:

    I would say I’m a zero when it comes to LOTR fangirling. Because I love LOTR…also because I only just found your blog.
    My friends were all crazy about the Red Queen and so I was “forced” to read it and *shakes head slowly*…not a fan.
    I loved the Winner’s Curse trilogy! (Especially the tiger-guy, whatever his name was…)


  7. Ilsen Leon says:

    A popular book I didn’t enjoy is also Red Queen (I used to like the first book but the second book went downhill for me) and The Wrath and the Dawn (I just can’t with that book). I think City of Bones is just fun but I understand it’s a little outdated and not for everyone. I still have to read Percy Jackson! I want to read them so badly!


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