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I’m going to do a collective review for the latest poetry collections I’ve read. I want to thank Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with copies for Wild Embers and Sea of Stangers.


I’ll start by talking about Wild Embers. I gave it five out of five stars, I absolutely loved the writing and the subject of this collection. Nikita Gill is one of my favourite modern poets, this is the second book I read from her and I have to say that her writihng improved very much. Her poems also had more substance and the fact that she included a section where she speaks of fairy-tales and how they are toxic to our society, how we should recreate them to create more feminist narratives is amazing!!

I don’t know about you, but I mostly loved fairy-tales because of how magical they seemed, how everyone got what they wished for in the end. I never stopped and thought as a child about how problematic they are, how girls seem to be there only to get a man, be submissive, give up on their families and their hobbies and everything else just to marry off to someone who might never see them as equals. (We’re not going to include Mulan in here because she’s a badass queen and not Anastasia either).


Also, there’s another section on goddesses and wow!!! So much mythology appreciation, so much Artemis & Athena worshipping and Zeus bashing because Hera really should have dropped his cheating, abusive ass. Nikita Gill was very creative while doing this collection. It feels like a love letter to every woman, teaching us how to lose ties with people that only seem to harm us, showing us role-models, showing us what are some harmful concepts that keep us from growing up.

I was pretty blown away by Wild Embers and I totally recommend you to read it!!! Please do it because I don’t think you’d regret the choice (especially if you’re a feminist).



Sea of Strangers – I gave it three out of five stars. I still recommend it to everyone who haven’t read anything by Lang Leav yet because her poems are really beautiful. It’s just that I’ve read Memories and Lullabies and this is the third poetry collection I read by her and sadly, I feel like they are very similar. It’s nice because you know what to expect. But I also love when writers/poets take on different subjects/styles and often try new things.

I’ve had some poems that I really liked, her writing is soft and emotional and the book was very fast-paced. But it still felt like something was missing. You know when there’s this book and it’s okay, it’s not the greatest thing, but not bad either? Yeah, that’s what I feel about this book.

There were some poems that stood up and that I adored, but mostly it just felt way too familiar. And it’s kind of sad because I feel like Leav has lots of potential and a very beautiful way with words. I really wish she would experiment more.



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  1. Fanna says:

    I adore Nikita Gill’s poems so much โค Haven't yet gotten my hands on Wild Embers but I've added it to my wish list for new year so hopefully it'll be there. Haven't read any of Lang Leav's works so might give Sea of Strangers a chance too ๐Ÿ™‚

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