ARC Review : Bad Girls with Perfect Faces





When I looked up, his smile was wide and real. “Ready?” he said.
I faked a smile back. I had gotten so good at faking things.
I thought: You brought this on yourself, Sasha. You will have to pretend forever now.
He squeezed my hand again. He couldn’t begin to imagine what this actually was. He had no idea what I’d done. What any of us had.


I want to start off by saying thank you to the publisher for providing me with this e-ARC via netgalley. Thank you very much!

Can you hear me screaming from here “cover lust” ? Because I’m screaming and it’s real, that cover is absolutely gorgeous and I adore how the title and the cover work so perfectly together.

Since I want to make a habit out of using gifs to describe the pain I felt through reading a certain book, let’s see what gifs I’d use for this book :


(so many mind-fuck moments, like just get ready for them if you’re reading this book. I didn’t see most of them coming)


This book is about two friends, Xavier and Sasha, the relationship they have with one another, the relationships they have with other characters and how that influence everything in the end. Bad Girls with Perfect Faces is a very wicked tale of morally grey characters doing rather questionable things.

It’s kind of difficult to review this book because I don’t want to reveal anything to you because it would be totally fun-ruining. But it’s also hard to fangirl over it/rant over it without spoiling anything. So, I’ll try to speak less of the plot and more of the way the book will make you feel.

This book shows perfectly how obsession can make people do very crazy things. I feel like every character in this book had a very dark kind of attachment towards someone. There were no healthy relationships in this one, only these very strong, intense connections.

I loved Sasha, she was a very complex character, very loyal to those she loved (I think her loyalty could be her downfall, actually). I adored the scheming plots that took place in the book, it was interesting to see how the ‘bad’ characters weren’t punished in the end, but it was also a very open ending, building up the suspense that it might happen sometime in the future.

To be honest, I felt bad about most of these characters, they were so messed up (usually because they had some family issues or self-esteem issues or whatever) that you could barely hold them accountable for what they did. I felt like Weingarten did a great job at making you feel sorry for these characters. You knew what they were doing was very troubled, but you couldn’t help understand their reasons behind their actions.

I took off a star from this one because I felt like after the climax, things weren’t as interesting as before, it might have been my mood, I don’t know. But I didn’t really feel it, I wasn’t really interested in Sasha and Xavier’s trip.

Also, I thought Xavier, as a character, was a bit too bland. It might be because he was surrounded by those girls who had such strong personalities and completely overshadowed him.



What do you think of morally ambigous characters? Do you enjoy books that have such characters? And have you read this book? What did you think about it?



10 thoughts on “ARC Review : Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

  1. Marie says:

    Okay. I’m REALLY intrigued about that one – especially after reading that quote?! It sounds like an intense read, but I’m curious to discover the characters’ relationships with each other and the characters, overall. I don’t really know if I read a ton of books with morally ambigous characters, right now no book comes to mind, which makes me even more curious about that one ahah. And yes, that cover is SO GREAT I love it.
    Lovely review! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • thecursedbooks says:

      Aww, I’d be really interested in what you’d have to say about this one, Marie! ❤ This book is full of messed up characters and their messed up actions. I really adore books that don't try to apologize for their morally ambigous characters, don't try to excuse their behaviour. They are who they are and that's it. I enjoy reading books about such characters!
      Thank you very much! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • thecursedbooks says:

      It really was, at some point, I was totally losing you. It has a moment of ‘who did it??’ and you’re suspecting everyone and then the person ends up being someone you would have never expected. It was very good! ❤ Thank you very much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. witchiechapters says:

    I’ve been meaning to read this ever since I saw it at Target! The book cover really attracted me and the blurb on the back made me want to read it even more. Now after reading your thoughts on it, I have to read it soon. Glad you enjoyed it!


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