ARC Review : So Near The Horizon 




I want to thank the author for providing me with the e-copy of this book! This hadn’t affected my review or rating in any way. What had affected my review, though, is the fact that this story is inspired by the author’s real life. This probably added a star to my rating.

Triggers : sexual abuse, emotional abuse, violence, physical abuse, drug addiction.

This book emotionally exhausted me and I think this changed drastically my perception of the book. I want to say that I absolutely admire the author’s capacity to write about her experiences considering how traumatic they had been.

     Positive things :

  • All the issues that are handled in this book, I haven’t seen representation for people who suffer from STDs before in books and it was very well done, especially because it didn’t shy away from the medical details.
  • Positive outlook of characters that were going through a lot. There was so much optimism in this book despite of the many tragedies.
  • The fact that there was moving on involved in this book. I can’t explain it all, but I liked the ending from the female MC’s perspective.


  Negative aspects : 

  • I felt like the heroine gave up her life after she got together with the guy. She had a friend at the beginning and afterwards, there were like two mentions of her. Her family was only mentioned without actually showing up.
  • I hated how Danny told Jessica how she needs to find a man who takes care of her as in provides for her. No ‘follow your dreams.’ , no ‘make a career for yourself’, just go find a man. That irritated me.
  • I felt weird about the relationship between Christina and Danny, even more after reading the blurb for the third book in the series. I always felt like there was more there.
  • Also, I couldn’t understand why Jessica was so jealous without even being with Danny. Maybe it’s because of my personal experience, but I hate when people with whom you’re not romantically involved get jealous on random people you talk to. NOPE.

I feel like you should take in consideration that I’m not the biggest romance fan. I think this book would be ideal for romance fans, they would appreciate and like it more than I did.

Overall, this book was a very heart-breaking experience, but I would have enjoyed it way more if those negative aspects weren’t present and if I were a bigger fan of romance. There would be so many more to say about this book, but you know I like to keep my reviews spoilers-free.

P.S. : you can request this book on netgalley if you’re interested!



        What do you think of real life stories? Is it harder for you to review them?

Also, I want to say that I’m sorry for the delays in responding to your comments or writing comments on your posts. College is being a very mean creature and I can’t help, but be too sressed out at times to answer. Sorry!



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