Strange the Dreamer & Warcross Ebook Giveaway

I haven’t been a part of the bookish community on twitter for very long, but a thing I noticed just recently is how popular giveaways are! Therefore, I thought why not? Do you guys enjoy reading ebooks? I know there is a lot of debate on this subject and I have to say I prefer books that I can touch and so on, but that’s quite hard when you’re living in a country where it’s hard to access new releases, the translation takes a long time and the international fees are so high! Therefore, ebooks are a great alternative! I know they have been for me.

What’s your perspective on the subject? Tell me in the comments.

This giveaway will have two winners, there’s going to be a random selection and it’s internationally open! So, anyone can join!

(Also, I’m sorry there’s no widget for the giveaway, but you can still access the link! If there’s anything wrong and not working with it, tell me in the comments!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

6 thoughts on “Strange the Dreamer & Warcross Ebook Giveaway

  1. Restless Weird (@wildfree06) says:

    Digital copies are way more convenient when you go places and you wanted advance copies whereas having physical copies feel like overwhelming to touch and smell and it’s satisfying to see a collection of books piled up in a room. They both have pros and cons but I would still prefer the latter. 🙂
    (Still dying to win that giveaway!!!)

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    • thecursedbooks says:

      I completely agree with you, they both have pros and cons and I think it’s fair not to limit yourself to either digital copies or physical copies since they’re both very unique experiences. Good luck! 🙂


  2. abigailsbooks32 says:

    I love physical books, but e-books are very helpful because I tend to travel a fair amount I guess and they just make it so much easier. I prefer to have the physical copy of a book when I’m at home, but I like e-books when I’m in a car or on a plane. 🙂 they both have goods and bads. Like I love how easy it is to hold an e-book haha. Often times my hand can get tired from holding a physical book r it can just be uncomfortable

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  3. tackfiction says:

    I’m definitely half and half – when I was travelling e-books were a godsend, they’re also easier to manage whilst cooking or eating lunch! But if I’m cosying up I do prefer a nice paperback!

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